Green Bitcoiners Lead the Way: Making Bitcoin Sustainable in 2022

• In 2022, several green bitcoiners made an impact in the discussion around bitcoin and the environment, including Troy Cross, Andrew Bailey, and Daniel Batten.
• Jason Maier wrote a book, “A Progressive’s Case for Bitcoin” which makes the case that Bitcoin is a net positive for the environment.
• Several bitcoin-focused companies launched in 2022 with a mandate to prove the viability of the Bitcoin blockchain’s contribution to sustainability.

In 2022, the discussion around bitcoin, energy, and the environment took on a new sense of urgency. As the world watched Bitcoin’s price rise and fall, a number of green bitcoiners had their say on how Bitcoin can and should be used to improve the environment.

The first of these was Troy Cross, professor of philosophy at Reed College in Oregon and fellow at the Bitcoin Policy Institute. Cross and his colleague, Andrew Bailey, put forward the idea that Bitcoiners have a moral responsibility to use Bitcoin in a way that will benefit the environment. This was further explored in their white paper, which was released in late 2021 and gained traction in 2022.

The second was Cleantech investor Daniel Batten, who conducted groundbreaking research into bitcoin mining and the potential it holds to mitigate humanity’s methane problem. Batten believes that bitcoin mining is the only technology that can reduce methane emissions at scale, and his calculations have provided a blueprint for how to do so.

Finally, Jason Maier released a book in 2022 titled “A Progressive’s Case for Bitcoin”. Maier makes the case that Bitcoin is not only sustainable, but a net positive for the environment.

The impact of these green bitcoiners was felt throughout the year, and it culminated in the launch of several bitcoin-focused companies in 2022 with the aim of proving that the Bitcoin blockchain could contribute to sustainability. These companies, some of which were backed by venture capital, were dedicated to finding ways to utilize Bitcoin for environmental good.

The impact of these green bitcoiners in 2022 has been undeniable, and the question of whether Bitcoin can be used to benefit the environment is now firmly on the agenda. With so much progress made in just one year, it is possible that 2023 could be the year that energy FUD around Bitcoin finally dies.