Crypto War: Polygon and Matter Labs Race to Launch zkEVM

• Polygon and Matter Labs are in a race to bring their zkEVMs to market, with both needing to make security compromises.
• Rob Viglione and William Foxley discussed zero knowledge proofs and data privacy at Consensus 2022.
• The Polygon vs Matter Labs debate culminated in a meme-laden Twitter spat between the co-founders last week.

War of Words Over zkEVMs

As Polygon and Matter Labs race to bring their zkEVMs to market, both will need to make compromises in the name of security. This has sparked a heated debate between the two companies’ co-founders, culminating in a meme-laden Twitter spat last week.

Consensus 2022

Rob Viglione, Horizen Co-founder, and William Foxley, Compass Mining Director of Content joined together at Consensus 2022 to discuss zero knowledge proofs and the future of data privacy.

Matter Labs Announcement

Last week, Alex Gluchowski from Matter Labs announced that its platform ‘zkSync Era’ was open sourcing its code and opening up for developer testing on Ethereum’s mainnet.

Polygon Response

Mihailo Bjelic from Polygon responded by accusing Gluchowski of lying about the progress of third party security audits for zkSync. Gluchowski then suggested that Bjelic was avoiding key questions regarding how Polygon’s zkEVM system would work once it launched in March as purportedly being the first such platform available to market.


The exchange between both parties demonstrates that Ethereum’s scalability needs are still far from being solved as each company works hard towards bringing their technology solution into fruition but with different approaches involving varying levels of compromise when it comes to security measures.