Akon’s DLT will set up a blockchain centre in Kenya in Q4 2020

Akon, a famous Senegalese American musician and well-known blockchain supporter, is establishing a blockchain centre in Kenya.

Called the “Kenyan Opportunity Hub,” the new venture aims to promote blockchain education and artificial intelligence, or AI. They also hope to provide Kenyans with more job opportunities.

First African blockchain centre launched by Akoin and Effect.AI

A joint initiative of Akon-based blockchain company Akoin and the E.IO project driven by EOSIO Bitcoin Billionaire, the center will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2020 and will be the first initiative of its kind in Africa, the companies announced to Cointelegraph on July 1. The project will be managed by Akon’s philanthropic arm, the Akon Foundation.

Akon’s crypto city gets closer with a $6 billion construction contract
The Kenyan Opportunity Hub will be the first African blockchain centre in a series of so-called Akon-Effect Opportunity Hubs. At these centres, people will be able to access AI and blockchain-related education, as well as paid online work in cryptomonics on the Effect.AI blockchain platform.

According to a joint announcement, the center is likely to be located near Mwale Medical and Technology City, a project led by U.S. engineering firm KE International. By building the center near Mwale, the creators intend to unlock more job opportunities, such as translating medical records with technology.

Effect.AI runs a similar center in the country of Georgia

As announced, the Kenyan Opportunity Hub will benefit from the experience of a centre similar to Effect.IA that is already operating in Rustavi, Georgia.

Singer Akon says the world’s first ‘Crypto City’ is set to be established in Senegal by 2025
Launched in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme in 2019, the initiative seeks to boost employment opportunities in industry and promote technological knowledge. Based in the Netherlands, the Effect.AI project is a decentralized AI network operating in the EOS blockchain.

Cointelegraph contacted Effect.AI and Akoin for more information on the Kenya blockchain centre initiative. This article will be updated pending any new information.

Akon’s plans for a “cryptomonetary revolution

Rapper Akon shares the white paper of his upcoming cryptomonie
News of Kenya’s blockchain centre comes shortly after Akon was awarded a $6 billion contract to build a crypto-currency city in Senegal. The project calls for the construction of a “100% crypt-based city” with Akon’s Akoin Crypt Coin.

Akon’s plans to boost the mass adoption of blockchain technology in Africa are part of its longstanding African “crypto revolution”. In addition to its plans to build cities and crypto-currency centers in Africa, Akon also plans to issue its own crypto-currency to enable the tokenized trade in mobile phone credits, which are used as currencies in Africa.

The next token, known as Akoin, is expected to be issued at the Stellar block chain. The utility token will support “atomic swaps” between crypto-currency, fiat money and mobile phone credits on the Akoin network.